About Us

ICS is a public elementary school located at 55 Willoughby Street in Brooklyn’s Community School District 13

We serve kindergarten to 3rd graders, and will add fourth grade in August 2018. We will expand by one grade a year until we are a k-8 school.

Click here for a short video overview of the school

ICS was founded by Matthew Levey. Our Principal is Ellen Borenstein. To learn more about our leadership team, click here

ICS is authorized by the State University of New York. To learn more about charter schools, click here

ICS is supervised by an independent Board of Trustees made up of parents, educators and community leaders. To learn more about our Trustees, click here

DW picICS gets valuable additional advice from our Board of Advisors who include some of the nation’s leading academics and policy experts. To learn more about our advisors, click here