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The International Charter School of New York (“ICS”) was established in 2015 to provide a coherent and content-rich curriculum that prepares children for full civic participation in their later years. In three years ICS has grown from 150 children in grades k-1 to nearly 300 students in k-3, with plans to expand to k-8 and add additional schools in neighboring Brooklyn communities.  ICS is chartered by the New York Board of Regents as an independent, not-for profit, charter school and is authorized by the Charter School Institute at SUNY.


ICS uses the Core Knowledge Language Arts Curriculum for English instruction and Eureka for Math. Critical to students’ future success is the systematic, synthetic approach to teaching phonics in the early grades (known as ‘skills’) and the inter-related domains that cover history, literature, science and a range of engaging, age-appropriate topics (known as ‘listening and learning’.)  As we grow, we are increasingly seeing how English comprehension even affects success in math. While teachers are given a wide degree of freedom to plan how the math and English programs are implemented, ICS expects the lessons’ contents to be delivered faithfully.

ICS is strongly committed to our students’ socio-emotional growth. We use the Responsive Classroom model to inform our approach, seeking to nurture students’ intrinsic motivation to act within community norms rather than rely on extrinsic motivators like color charts or reward points.

ICS monitors student progress using a range of formative and summative assessments. Students in 3rd – 8th grades will take state tests in English and Math each Spring, but we work hard to ensure instruction is not driven by state tests, which we see as but one measure of our progress. In grades k-3 we use Dibels to monitor early literacy skills and identify children needing additional supports. Thus far approximately 80% of ICS students meet or exceed Dibels’ grade level benchmarks in English.


The diverse ICS student body reflects the dynamic nature of our Brooklyn neighborhood. About 30% of our students qualify for free or reduced-price lunch; we estimate half of our students live in households with family income of $60,000 or lower. In a district where most schools are either homogeneously black and brown or homogeneously white, ICS is racially and ethnically balanced. (see table, left) At home, our families speak Albanian, Arabic, Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Routine contact with students and families from across the world gives ICS students a sophisticated and mature cultural understanding. We celebrate our students’ individuality so they feel comfortable maintaining their cultural heritage and values. Our curriculum helps students build both historic and contemporary knowledge of the world. ICS is an inclusive school, offering ICT on every grade and a range of therapy interventions. Currently 13% of students have an IEP. Last year, 675 students applied for 125 places.


The ICS faculty is experienced; we generally do not hire teachers for whom ICS is their first teaching job.  As befits a growing school, the staff is also expanding rapidly as we grow. Like most elementary schools, our staff is predominantly female but we have six male teachers and are always on the lookout for more. The staff share a common belief in the value of our approach to build a foundation for children, and to tend equally to their socio-emotional growth as much as their academic growth.  The staff are also uniformly well-respected by our families, and supported by the school administration.


The position requires an educational leader, with a highly developed level of interpersonal empathy. The successful candidate has a demonstrated track record of successfully navigating complex cultures. He/she is self- motivated, able to think both strategically and tactically. He/she has an instinct for adapting to an evolving environment.

In partnership with the Principal, the candidate:

  • Supports the Principal to direct, supervise, and evaluate faculty
  • Supports the principal to place students appropriately and ensure proper supports are provided
  • Supports the principal in all his/her responsibilities and for the on-going improvement of the school in optimizing the learning of all students
  • Helps to expand and strengthen the existing professional development program
  • In the absence of the Principal, leads the school, including daily communication to teachers
  • Helps coordinate security and safety procedures
  • Understands and can articulate the school’s Mission to all stakeholders
  • Helps enrollment by meeting with prospective parents

Duties and Responsibilities:

Faculty and Staff 

  • Assist the Principal in setting goals, observing teachers, and providing feedback and professional development
  • Assist Principal and faculty to develop agendas for weekly grade team meetings regarding curriculum alignment and assessment. Ensure action items/concerns from weekly meetings are addressed timely and adequately
  • Serve as a sounding board for faculty in addressing professional development concerns
  • Assist in the creation and management of annual schedules; Analyze needs for schedule changes for following year
  • Assist with the recruiting and selection of new faculty

Student Support and Success 

  • Work with teachers to gather and analyze student academic achievement data (Unit assessments, report card grades, MAP, Dibels, etc.)
  • Assist the Principal using data to inform faculty goal-setting and student advancement; Disaggregate and report Dibels and MAP data for use by Trustees and outside stakeholders
  • Work with the Special Education Coordinator to ensure effective interventions are in place and tracked for students with IEPs
  • Meet regularly with the Child Study Team to ensure support for students with academic and/or social emotional concerns
  • Support teachers in developing effective practices for students with social or behavioral concerns
  • Support and meet with students, teachers and parents to provide positive behavioral growth
  • Communicate with parents regarding student behavior and consequences

Curriculum and Community Care 

  • Arrange and facilitate Professional Development for Responsive Classroom
  • Ensure consistent implementation of Responsive Classroom
  • Embrace and understand CKLA and Eureka math to support teachers and model best practice for student engagement and mastery of curriculum.
  • Assist principal in presentation of curriculum information to parents (curriculum evenings, parent coffees,1-1 meetings with parents)
  • Demonstrate a growth mindset; model same in communicating with all ICS stakeholders

Education, Work Experience, and Skills Requirements 

  • MA. or M.Ed. in administration and supervision, curriculum and instruction, education, or related field
  • Experience in a leadership role, preferably in a diverse setting
  • Excellent leadership, inter-personal, communication skills;
  • Teaching experience in an elementary school, preferably in a diverse or urban environment
  • Knowledge of current research in education, administration and supervision,
  • Experience evaluating and appraising teachers,
  • Effective conflict management skills

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