Assistant Teachers

Major Responsibilities will include:

  • Assist lead teacher in providing direct and indirect instruction to 20-25 students,
  • Establish and maintain a safe, effective physical and emotional classroom environment,
  • Maintain and build appropriate content and skills knowledge (e.g. Math, early grades reading skills, grammar, biology, geology, history, geography, assessment, positive behavior management)
  • Understand, utilize (and modify as needed) school-provided lesson plans,
  • Create long-term and short-term plans to address individual student needs,
  • Express and maintain high expectations for all students,
  • Coordinate instruction with classroom teacher,
  • Participate in weekly professional development programs,
  • Assist teacher in collecting and evaluating data on student progress to improve instruction and learning,
  • Incorporate feedback from observations by the classroom teacher, Principal and other school leaders to improve one’s own practices,
  • Assist the teacher to monitor interventions for students with special needs (e.g. ELLs, IEPs, G&T),
  • Aid in the administration of required state exams,

Elementary library kidsQualifications

The successful candidate is highly organized, detail oriented, energetic, committed to urban education and excited by the challenge of starting a new school. Qualifications are as listed below:

  • Bachelors degree
  • Intellectual curiosity;
  • Dedication to the ICS mission, culture, and values,
  • Belief in one’s ability to grow professionally; desire to do so,
  • Sense of humor,
  • Some elementary school teaching experience, preferably in an urban school system;
  • Commitment to understanding and using data to inform instruction,
  • Strong belief in the ability of all children to succeed;
  • Highly detail oriented;
  • Strong organization skills, demonstrated ability to set and manage priorities while working in a fast-paced environment;
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.

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