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Thinking about switching schools? We’ve been there.

  • ICS welcomes switchers
  • The transition can be hard for you; typically not for your kid
  • We have experience that will help you both succeed; contact us

Maybe your child’s class is too large and the teacher can’t give the attention he needs. Maybe the class dynamic leaves her stressed at night? Maybe the academic expectations are not challenging enough? We’ve been there.

Maybe you moved recently, and your zoned school isn’t right. Maybe the school everyone said you’d love isn’t working for your son.

With the increasing number of choices in Brooklyn parents do not need to compromise. ICS has several years of helping families to transition to a new school, even in the middle of the year.

One secret? The change is typically harder for the parent than for the child. But our teachers, families and students  know how to make you (and your student) feel at home, right from the first day.

Parent Experience

Amanda, the mother of a kindergartener who joined in late September, was “very nervous.” She was worried about “the longer commute, his transition, would they really meet his social-emotional needs? Would it be worth it to pull him from a closer school where we met so many great people?”

Two weeks later she said:

I have been blown away by the care taken with integrating him and the communication with his teacher and the school.  They have been so helpful with suggestions and tips on the transition.

His teacher respectfully and thoughtfully addresses the kids, and seems a pro at resolving conflict, always validating their feelings along the way and helping with tools to manage their emotions.

Everything about the school seems intentional and attentive to the kids’ well-being, while having clear expectations.

My kid needed this and I’m so glad we took the leap.

ICS educates students from across Brooklyn, with a socio-emotional curriculum that builds their personal strengths and a coherent, content-rich academic program of background knowledge and cultural literacy that is the foundation for success. Plus, our students have fun!

Follow Up

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