Manager, Data and Accountability

The successful candidate has a demonstrated track record of successfully navigating complex cultures. He/she is self-motivated, able to think both strategically and tactically, and comfortable in an dynamic environment.

In partnership with the Principal and Assistant Principal, the candidate: 

  • Understands the range of available academic and non-academic data from assessments and other tools
  • Understands how teachers and administrators currently use data to assess and drive instruction
  • Supports teachers by developing their use of existing data tools
  • Supports the administration by organizing and presenting data from multiple assessments
  • Seeks to improve the school’s ability to capture and use student data to drive improved student outcomes.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Understands Existing Data 

  • Understands current systems (Teacher Ease, MClass, etc.) that capture and present data for analysis
  • Develops insight into the strengths and weaknesses of current academic and non-academic data
  • Understands consistency and inconstancy of data capture
  • Ensures consistency of student achievement data and demographics across platforms

Understands Teacher and Administrator Behaviors and Needs

  • Understands how teachers think about and use data from formal and informal assessments
  • Understands how the Principal and other administrators use data to oversee and communicate performance
  • Collaborates with stakeholders to increase the use of data to inform instruction, tactics, and strategy

Supports Development

  • Builds teacher support for effective data use through one-on-one and group training
  • Supports the Principal and administration by researching and recommending interventions to address opportunities for academic improvement.

Presents Data

  • Organizes, analyzes and presents data, illustrating areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement
  • Produces concise, user-friendly data, particularly real-time dashboards, to enable Administration to address school performance risks before they become actual issues, and to continuously improve performance
  • Supports the Principal and other administrators in working with the Academic Committee of the Board of Trustees to communicate the school’s results

Improves Data Use

  • Identifies known data integrity issues,; improve the quality of existing data and bring additional data sources in line
  • Builds a data quality assurance process to ensure the accuracy of data being reported and continuously improve upon data reporting quality.
  • Identifies opportunities to improve the accuracy and quality of assessments and reporting tools
  • Serves as a resource to stakeholders and drives the school to improve outcomes for all kids

Education, Work Experience, and Skills Requirements 

  • M.A. or M.Ed. in administration and supervision, curriculum and instruction, education, or related field 
  • Experience in analyzing and manipulating data
  • Details oriented; driven to check one’s own work and raise questions independently rather than waiting for others to raise them
  • Excellent leadership, inter-personal, communication skills; 
  • Teaching experience in an elementary school, preferably in a diverse or urban environment 
  • Knowledge of current research in education 
  • Effective conflict management skills

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