Each day we cover a lot of ground, but we take breaks too. This is a Kindergarten schedule -- note the quiet time after lunch -- but the upper grades follow a similar model. 

8:00-8:45 Morning Meeting
8:50-9:40 Skills Instruction
9:45-10:30 Math
10:30-10:45 Snack
10:50-11:40 Art, Music, Gym, Dance, Spanish, Science (rotating)
11:45-12:45 Lunch and Recess
12:45-1:05 Quiet Time
1:10-2:10 Listening and Learning
2:10-3:00 Small Group Instruction
3:05-3:35 Choice Time
3:40 Dismissal / after school activities

Why the longer-than-average day? Every Thursday, school lets out at 12:10 pm so teachers can use the afternoon for development. They review student work, plan lessons, compare notes, and continue their training. Building this time into the weekly schedule helps our teachers perform at their best.