ICS has three core values:

  1. A coherent, content-rich curriculum that builds background knowledge and cultural literacy
  2. A socio-emotional program that attends to children’s personal well being and character development as much as their academic development
  3. A school that serves diverse students and families, reflective of Brooklyn and America more broadly.

Common behaviors by all students ensure ICS can maintain these values.

Please read and discuss the importance of the following points with your child.

Code of Conduct

  • I will arrive on time (no later than 8:00 am) to school.
  • I will exhibit safe behavior while walking in the school, to and from the play space and on all school sponsored trips and events.
  • Because classrooms must be safe places, where teaching is uninterrupted, I will not disrupt other students’ learning.
  • I will meet my teacher’s expectations by preparing for class and following directions.
  • I will be honest, to gain trust and strengthen the school community.
  • I will not physically harm students or adults. I will not use unkind words either.
  • I will keep my hands to myself and only touch others in an appropriate manner and place.
  • I will not damage or take school property or the property of others.
  • I will keep my personal property at home unless the teacher has asked me to bring it to school.
  • I will not fight, play fight or threaten other people.
  • I will use appropriate and respectful language with my classmates and teachers.
  • I will show love to and respect the rights of all members of the ICS community.