The International Charter School operates primarily with tax-funded per-pupil allocations. 

Donor contributions help defray the cost of additional enrichment initiatives like our Mark Morris Dance program, supplemental books for our library,and need-based scholarships for after school programs.

If you are new to ICS you’ll want to watch this short video.

If you wish to donate checks should be written to:

Friends of The International Charter School of New York

55 Willoughby St Brooklyn, NY 11201



Lisa Greenwald and Doug Lavin
Ashley Garrett and Alan Jones
Kathy & Kris Heinzelman
Walton Family Foundation
Elizabeth and Jay Chandler
Lisa and Richard Cashin
Robert Ouimette
Brooks Point Foundation
Ken Hirsh
Mark and Sabrina Carhart
Julie Tan and Roger Levey
Greg Bylinsky and Mae Hsieh
Ica Kacan
Gila and Paul Daitz
Esther and Joseph DeVito
The Robbins Family Fund
Alexandra and Maxim Banchuzhnyy
David de Csepel and Joy Chen
Natalia Lahoumah
The Louis B. Calder Foundation
The Kshirsagar Family
Sara Mouzayanni
The Russo Family
The Scaduto Family


If you have questions or want to learn more about donating to ICS, please contact Matthew Levey, (718) 305-4202.