The founder of ICS, Matthew Levey is a father of three students. His work as a US diplomat in South America and Eastern Europe deepened his global understanding; a decade of management consulting gave him a range of business acumen.

Matthew joined the Foreign Service after college and was posted to Ecuador, Romania, Washington and Bosnia. In that last assignment he was part of the team that negotiated an end to the Yugoslav civil war. He moved to Prague in 1996 to rejoin his wife, who was teaching English at a Czech high school.

Returning to New York in 1997 he earned an MBA at Columbia University and began a career in management consulting at McKinsey & Co. A parent activist for many years, he is married to a high school ESL teacher. His essays on have been published in the Daily News, Gotham Schools and WNYC’s Schoolbook. Brian Lehrer interviewed Matthew about the experience of opening ICS.