The Next Mayor


Amidst these scorching hot days it's hard to focus on anything more than finding shade, a cool drink or a working air conditioner. But here in Gotham we're less than two months away from selecting Democratic and Republican candidates for mayor.  In November we'll have a couple of independents to chose from as well.  Brooklyn's 35th and 36th City Council district races are also quite active.

Polls indicate education is a top issue for voters - and at $25 billion a year it should be.  The next largest expense - the police department - doesn't even cost $5 billion. Yet nearly 60% of us are unhappy with the state of education.

As a future school leader I hope to build a community where students learn to analyze the key issues on which their elected officials must act.  My essay on the WNYC Schoolbook blog  suggests candidates looking to replace Mayor Bloomberg could find tips for their education policy in a rather unexpected place.

Check it out and let me know what you think.