Smart Technology, Redux


In February a Brooklyn Dad who writes about technology asked me what role technology would play at ICS.  I gave him the short answer I had prepared at the time, but he pointed out it contained some contradictions and wasn't so clear. I went back to the drawing board, and wrote this blog entry. In essence, I said, we'll use technology where it helps our kids to learn, or our teachers to teach. But we won't fetishize it for its own sake.

As we continued to develop the ideas behind ICS I met with a former colleague and mom who recently launched a pre-k reading app for the iPad from her offices in Metrotech. (Yet more proof, if you needed it, of how the creative center is shifting to Brooklyn).  Thinking of influential local people and industries she said, "You've got to talk to MakerBot."

This idea, tossed off among many over a coffee, led to several conversations, and the partnership agreement we just signed this week.

As I've been telling audiences across Brooklyn this week, the idea of a local company, founded by an elementary school art teacher, helping ICS to infuse technology into our art, math and science lessons, and supporting our teachers to deepen their own craft, is exactly what I had in mind, way back in February.

And the serendipity behind this just has me beaming.  Bre's letter is below.