Fanfare for A New Partner


Apologies for the terrible pun but ICS is once again excited about a curriculum partnership. This time it's Copland House, the musical foundation established by one of America's most innovative composers, Aaron Copland.

Copland was born above a store on Washington and Dean, to non-English speaking, first-generation immigrants. He graduated from Boys High School on Marcy Avenue before heading off to Paris to study music under Nadia Boulanger.

He returned a changed man, and in subsequent decades changed American music in ways we can still see.  We hope that the experience of a child of Lithuanian shop keepers growing up to travel to Mexico, befriend Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, and write music like El Salón México will inspire ICS students to dream big dreams too.

ICS is honored to have them as partners in developing a program that fosters our students creativity, historical knowledge and appreciation of music.  Details below.

ICS - support letter
ICS - support letter