It Takes a Village

The ICS Trustees and planning team met with the staff of the Charter School Institute yesterday to discuss our application. Tiphanie Yanique, who lives in Clinton Hill  and teaches creative writing at The New School wanted to attend the meeting on behalf of the many Brooklyn parents who have supported us over the last year.  But there was the question of who would mind three-month old Irie. Irie's Dad Moses teaches geometry and photography at a high school in Park Slope, and her grandparents aren't in Brooklyn.

Riding to the rescue was another Brooklyn-born grandparent.  My father.


With four grandchildren of his own, he's a pro at this point.  And if you look up 'calm' in the dictionary, Irie's picture is in the definition.

So while they hung out in Bryant Park, Tiphanie spoke to the CSI staff about the kinds of schools Brooklyn parents are seeking, and the ways in which ICS is seeking to meet those needs.

We believe the meeting went very well, and hope someday that Irie and her older brother will be able to enroll at ICS.

Stay tuned for an update from CSI next week.