And so we begin

A great first day for our teachers as we began our two week initial training.  Thanks to our Trustees who dropped by to share their hopes and dreams for ICS. Daria Rigney leading teacher training

And to our fabulous teachers, who today took the first step on an exciting journey to redefine what is possible in a public school.

Apart from our Chair, Daria Rigney sharing her experience with the team, Vice Chair David Maya addressed the hopes of so many parents that rest on the shoulders of our team.  He noted it is an enormous responsibility, but also reminded the teachers that they are not alone, and the Board stands ready to support them.

Principal Ellen Borenstein said it was a great day, as she and the teachers set expectations for themselves and our students around behaviour, leadership, and collaboration.

Setting norms and classroom expectationsMore excitement tomorrow as we hand out computers and our furniture arrives.

Stay tuned!