Growing Support for ICS

ICS is a public school and as such we do not advocate for any religious beliefs. But understanding religious belief is critical to children's comprehension of art, history, literature and so many other subjects.

Pope Francis, the head of the Roman Catholic Church begins his visit to the United States today.

So it seems somehow appropriate that Brother Brian Carty read about ICS in the Times last week and sent us this beautiful note.

Brother Brian wrote I just let you know that there are a bunch of us out here who believe that the children today deserve so much more from their school, and that test scores alone do not define a child or a school. 

He sent a check for $100 adding, I am enclosing what we Irish call "a little something." I am a member of the Catholic religious order, the De La Salle Christian Brothers. We don't have much but it puts one more name on the list of supporters.

We've received larger gifts. But this one truly struck a chord with us.

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