Visit from our Congressman

Congressman Hakeem Jeffries represents the 8th Congressional District in the US House. IMG_0105About 40% of ICS families live in the 8th. Among his roles in Washington, Mr. Jeffries sits on the House Education and Workforce committee, which oversees federal funding for k-12 education. Last month some observers suggested he might run for Mayor.

A longtime supporter of greater educational choices for parents, his kids attended BNS on IMG_0118Henry St. Now they are in middle and high school. So he spoke from experience when he told parents he knows how tough it is.

Mr. Jeffries spent about an hour at the school, most of which was talking to parents and learning why the ICS approach of compassion and content is so appealing. Parents told him about how much their children are learning, about our high expectations for them, and how we treat each child (and family) with dignity.  Values that are (sadly) hard to find in many other schools in Brooklyn.

Our thanks to the parents who could take time to meet with the Congressmember, and for your passion and belief in our shared vision for ICS.