Knowledge Matters


We're stoutly apolitical here at ICS but when the leader of the 5th largest economy in the world mentions one of ICS's senior advisors in a speech, you bet we're going to call it out! Prime Minister David Cameron, who has led the UK for the last five years, gave a speech yesterday in which he talked about the importance of education to economic growth.

DW picIn citing the research that backs this belief he named checked our good friend and advisor Dan Willingham. In the same breath with Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel prize winner!

Mr. Cameron said:

Much of the answer is knowledge; we understand new information in the context of what we already hold.

As Kahneman, Daniel Willingham and others have described, the more information is stored in our long term memory the better our processing power – our working memory – can be employed.

It is by knowing the past that we can invent the future.

That’s why it is so absurd to call a knowledge–based curriculum ‘traditional’.

It is utterly cutting edge – because it takes real notice of the great advances in our understanding of the last few decades.

Dismissing knowledge is frankly dismissing the life chances of our children.

None of this is surprising to ICS parents and staff. But we're glad when the senior elected leader of one of the world's oldest democracies lends his voice to the approach we take.