More Lottery and Enrollment News

Karina ICS is 100% enrolled for 2016-17.

We are excited by the commitment of the families in our district.

Despite this, we know that enrolled families will still consider other schools; it may be a G&T program, or a waitlist at another charter school, or a nearby district school that has seats open up. They may get new jobs that take them from Brooklyn. Life happens all around us.

So we will continue to work down the waitlist. Perhaps a bit more slowly than you would like, but nonetheless there will be progress.

The table below allows you to judge your relative position on the list. Refer to your April 5 email from us if you have forgotten your number.

Kinder-garten 1st Grade 2nd Grade
Last Seat Offer 227 37 57
1st on Waitlist 228 38 58

as of July 12th