Safety and Kids


The Chelsea bombing naturally sparked anxiety. The random nature of such violence --highly unlikely but potentially devastating -- is particularly hard to address concretely. ICS takes security very seriously. We have systems in place to ensure your children are accounted for at all times. Most importantly we control access to the building with electronic locks and video cameras. We demand positive identification from all visitors who we do not know. And we ask you to tell us well in advance of any changes in your pickup routines.

At dismissal, returning families have noticed that our process is more regulated than last year. The increase in our student population this year makes it more critical that we standardize the way parents and caregivers enter and exit the building. Sometimes you or your babysitter feel we are treating you brusquely; this is not our intention but we have 225 kids and 300 adults to monitor in a short period of time. It requires our undivided attention.

We review our protocols and discuss them with the staff. Training our staff does not always mean conducting drills with your kids.  When we have drills with the children we will let you know.

As the name implies, terrorism is designed to provoke terror, an often irrational worry. It works best when we give in to this fear, suspect our neighbors, alter our normal lives, and share this anxiety with our children. A response I know we all want to avoid.

Thank you as ever for your continued support, both in trusting us with your children and following the rules we have laid out.