The End of Time


Some look at current politics and see portents of the end of time. We're officially apolitical here at ICS, but our first graders are learning about the solar system.

One very excited child stopped on his way into school today to tell me that our sun will someday grow "very hot and expand way out."

"Then it will shrink really small, into like two twin dwarves, and explode and we'll all be turned back into stars"

"Did you talk about that in class?" I asked. (Our teachers aim very high, but I was not clear if Red Dwarfs, Black Holes and End Time, were in our lessons)

"No," he replied. "But I read a book with my mom last night."

"You're going to share that with your class?" I asked.


Next week the kids are off to the Natural History museum to see the Planetarium and learn more.

I spoke later to Ellen about our kids' growing knowledge of astronomy. I said that if they learn all this AND the names of just two Supreme Court Justices they'll be better informed than most adults. (Click the CSPAN poll results to the right, which show the Notorious RBG is the most well-known, but still not by many)

As readers of this blog now, ICS has great faith in kids' ability to engage with important topics at an early age. And to bring their parents along for the ride.

As adults we often disagree about complex issues like freedom, liberty, opportunity and compassion. But if future generations are going to address these weighty concerns more successfully than we have, they'll need a foundation of facts on which they can form their opinions. And that's a job we gladly take on, every day, even in 1st grade.