Thank you to our Trustees


Trustees Jennifer Stillman and Robert Storm recently announced they are stepping down from the Board.

Jennifer and her family are moving to Southern Virginia this summer. Bob is taking on new and more demanding roles in his church, here in Brooklyn. We will miss them both.

Jennifer Stillman

For her PhD thesis Jennifer studied how Brooklyn families chose schools amidst gentrification and the changes wrought by the reform movement. She concluded that charter schools offered a possible path towards a shared culture that balanced the needs of the existing community with those of newer arrivals.

In October 2012, I found Jennifer’s thesis online, read it, and asked her to lunch. Fatefully, she read my email and responded.

From the kernel of an idea to an application, to a school with more than 340 students and a staff of 50, Jennifer has been there for us, and for me. She’s always expressed her views clearly and constructively. As in any relationship of long standing, we have had disagreements. But her perspective has been principled and valuable. Her ideas and suggestions have made ICS stronger. I am glad to consider her a friend.

But at this time we want to thank and acknowledge Jennifer for her long, voluntary service to our community. Brooklyn’s loss is Norfolk’s gain. We know she will find ways to continue to contribute to education and reform from her new home. But we will miss her.

Robert Storm

Following a successful career as an elementary school leader in central California Bob and his wife moved east to be closer to his daughter and granddaughters, who attend ICS. He began attending Board meetings regularly in March of 2017, and in November decided to offer his services as a Trustee to the school.

As a member of the Academic committee Bob was a frequent visitor to the school and a strong supporter of Ellen and our teachers. His experienced eye and judgment were reassuring to us as we worked through the challenges of a growing school.

We will continue to see Bob at pick up and drop off from time to time, but we are sad he will no longer join us for our Board meetings. We wish him well in his new endeavors.

* * *
We are blessed with a strong Board. The leadership of our academic committee will pass to the capable hands of Lindsay Malanga, a teacher and administrator who has served as a trustee for several years already.

Michael Hernandez