We are hire special education teachers with experience in k-5th grade ICT classrooms.

Successful candidates are highly organized, detail oriented, energetic, committed to urban education and excited by the challenge growing with a new school. 

About 13% of ICS students have IEPs; our Child Study Team meets regularly to evaluate students and make recommendations. We have an excellent relationship with the Committee on Special Education, and have never had a referral for services denied. All ICS staff are committed to the success of our students with IEPs.

Special Education Co-Teachers at ICS are accountable for the academic and socio-emotional success of each of the students in their classes.  Special Education Co-Teachers work in partnership with a General Education Co-Teacher, consistently planning for and monitoring the progress of each of their students to meet this responsibility.

Special Education Co-Teachers meet with their grade-level team members to monitor and improve curriculum access and academic learning goals for all students. They are responsible for instruction across content areas in addition to providing Tier Two interventions as part of the Response-to-Intervention framework.

The Instructional Leadership Team supports Special Education Co-Teachers in maximizing their performance and that of their students. Special Education Co-Teachers receive frequent feedback and observation, coaching cycles and professional development from the Co-Principal and Director of Learning Supports .

Major Responsibilities:

  • Coordinating knowledge of students, instructional content and curricular resources to design differentiated units and lesson plans aligned to the Common Core standards.

  • Using a variety of assessments fully aligned with instructional outcomes to provide a full composite of students’ abilities and needs and to inform instruction.

  • Engaging in coaching cycles and implementing research-based strategies that maximize their own performance and that of their students.

  • Reflecting on their own progress as educators and seeking out professional resources to continuously improve their practice.

  • Providing students with frequent feedback and evaluation based on the development of individualized goals for performance that are specific, measurable, ambitious, rooted in data and time-bound.

  • Managing student behavior and classroom routines to maximize learning time and create a positive classroom environment, particularly utilizing the Responsive Classroom approach.

  • Collaborating with colleagues to leverage the strengths of all team members.
    Communicating with families regularly, responding to emails and phone calls in a timely manner.

  • Monitor and track student progress towards IEP goals, in addition to completing quarterly progress notes and annual teacher reports as directed by Director of Learning Supports.

  • Monitor and track student progress towards IEP goals, in addition to completing quarterly progress notes and annual teacher reports as directed by Director of Learning Supports.

  • Attending IEP meetings and ensuring appropriate accommodation are provided in the classroom.

  • Supporting the school as directed by the Co-Principal.


  • New York State Dual Certification in Special Education and General Education is required.

  • A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

  • An M.A., Ed.M or Master’s degree in relevant content area.

  • A minimum of two years of demonstrated success as a full-time classroom teacher, preferably in a co-teaching setting.

  • Demonstrated success working in a high-performing, urban school setting preferred.

  • Evidence of excellence in teaching through continuous learning and data analysis.

  • Exceptional organization and planning skills.

  • Superior communication skills.

  • An ability to work collaboratively with both colleagues and members of the community.

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